The Soiree

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Some enchanted evening.

For that special evening function, send Pemberton's Soiree Fruit and Cheese Tray. It's absolutely enchanting. A festive exotic tropical pineapple shares the spotlight with a fine bottle of wine, while an assortment of fruits and colorfully wrapped cheeses dance around the perimeter. This overstuffed wicker cheese tray will be the center of attention from across a crowded room.

Due to federal law, we can only ship alcohol to the following states: MA, NH, CT, WV, VA, DC, FL, LA, ND, NE, WY, OR, NV, AK. If you place an order for a basket containing alcohol to be delivered to a state not listed here, it will be canceled. Thank you for your cooperation.
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2 reviews
Excellent Transaction
Jun 15, 2023
I messed up on my credit crd expiration date and was asked to call in. Arlene and I missed each other at first but I was finally able to connect with her with the right information. She told me she had sent the basket anyway which really blew me away. Fantastic customer service! I also heard from the recipient that she loved the basket. Thank you!
Rick Heckbert
Great gift!
May 17, 2021
This was sent to my mom and she loved it!
Denise O'brien