From the time he opened his fruit and vegetable shop in 1930, Granddad Tofic Saidnawey packed every order with only premium-quality fruit. And, he gave his customers far better service than they were used to receiving.

Today, more than 85 years and three generations later, we still maintain Granddad's unmatched levels of product quality and customer service.

Granddad's fruit and vegetable shop has evolved into today's Pemberton Farms Marketplace - a unique combination of premium gift business, specialty grocery store and garden center. Currently located in Cambridge, MA just up the street from the original store, Pemberton Farms Marketplace proudly serves the local community of Boston and maintains the standards of quality and service from generations past.

And even though we have old-fashioned values about quality and service, we embrace progress and are mindful of the future. We are excited to offer natural, organic and locally sourced products as well as foods that help our customers with special diets - gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free - and provide an array of products for people who are concerned about our planet - organic, sustainable, GMO-free, fair trade and more.

Whether you need a great gift, stop in for some groceries, a bottle of wine or new plants for your garden, we're here to help and are proud to be your friends and neighbor.