Sweet Tastes of Massachusetts

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A scrumptious selection of Massachusetts specialty foods.

Included in this re-usable picnic gift basket:
Effie's oat cakes, cranberry chutney, Thoreau Foods muesli chia powder, stone ground organic chocolate, strawberry and rhubarb jams, Boston salt water taffy, dark chocolate raspberry truffles, seasonal variety of Dancing Deer Cookies and then topped off with a jar of Boston Honey.

A true masterful selection of gourmet foods, all made here, in our home state of Massachusetts. Send this gourmet basket for any occasion! A thank you basket, a get well soon basket or just a thinking of you basket. This gift basket is offered exclusively from Pemberton Farms.
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May 11, 2014
I sent this basket as a mother's day gift and I am told by various members in my family that it is beautiful. Thank you for providing such a yummy and interesting basket.