CEO Spectacular Gift Basket

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  • CEO 75
    Item# CEO75
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The gold standard of Ruma's corporate baskets makes a popular client thank-you gift and is also a memorable way to show your appreciation to a team for a job well done. Made for sharing, this stunning array of treats includes fresh, hand selected Ruma's fruit, sparkling cider, chocolates, cookies, crackers, cheese, coffee, cocoa and more! Makes an exceptional gift for friends or family, too!
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CEO Spectacular Gift Basket
Dec 28, 2020
We have ordered this gift basket twice now for a friend of ours. He has been so pleased to receive it, and my wife and I have been equally pleased to be able to share our appreciation for him. Additionally, Pemberton Farms has come through in terms of quality, reliability, and delivery. Thank you.
Jeffrey Lazar