Breakfast Buffet

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When it's time to serve your family or guests a sunny old-fashion New England breakfast, here's everything you need.

In this tower of New England brimming boxes you will fine one pint of Vermont maple syrup, four 5oz. jars of Pemberton homemade Jelly, Pemberton old fashion buttermilk and buckwheat pancake mixes (24oz. each), One pound of smoked sliced bacon, one pound of smoked sausages, an 8oz jar of honey, LaColombe coffee, Boston Harbor Teas 5ct., homemade rugelach, chocolate-covered blueberries & cranberries 3oz's each and one pound loaf of our famous homemade loaf cake.
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3 reviews
They loved it!
May 20, 2020
We sent this to some of our kids, and they loved all of the items. Delivery was prompt.
Carol D
Dec 21, 2016
I sent this to my sister who was very sick with pneumonia. She was so thrilled with the quantity and quality of the contents. They live in a rural area and with her husband also with health issues the Breakfast buffet was gratefully received. This was my first time ordering from Pemberton and I will be back for sure.
Karen Ocker
Nov 5, 2013
These boxes hold incredibly good products! The bacon and sausage and jellies are fantastic! The maple syrup is wonderful on the pancakes! The rugelach were delicious! I did not care for the blueberry loaf as it was kind of dry. But the rest? Just delicious!