The Favorite Gourmet Fruit Tray

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Play favorites.

Everyone has a favorite someone. A favorite friend, aunt, uncle, clien or customer. Let that certain someone know they are extra special. Send them Pemberton's Favorite Gourmet Fruit Tray.

A handsome, natural wicker tray containing: a huge assortment of gourmet fruit - including an exotic tropical pineapple for a tropical twist - a large variety of imported and domestic cheeses, unbelievably crisp crackers, elegant candies, chocolates, and much, much more.

Go ahead, play favorites. Send the Favorite Gourmet Fruit Tray for any special occasion.
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Nov 30, 2020
The fruit basket I purchased was for a work colleague and her family - she absolutely loved it and specifically mentioned how fresh the fruit was and how beautifully the basket was arranged. I'm so glad I found Pemberton Farms, as I prefer to shop local - great job Pemberton Farms!!!
Lisa Hernandez