Drummers Delight
Holiday Gift Basket

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The Drummers Delight Fruit Basket, a parade of sweet and tangy tastes!

This richly colored, elegant drum-design gift basket makes a stunning first impression and will be prized by your lucky recipient for occasions at home and on the road long after its contents have been enjoyed.

Imagine their fun when choosing from a choice assortment of milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates. Then on to the buttery shortbread cookies, fruit-flavored and butterscotch hard candies, and two jars of our own fruit jelly favorites. Accompanying the confections is a generous selection of fresh seasonal fruit, crisp water crackers, and Pemberton Farms award-winning Vermont cheddar cheese.

If you want to develop a reputation for an out of the ordinary gift giver, send the Drummer's Delight Fruit and Food Basket. One of most popular fruit baskets for the holidays, for saying thanks, or for just showing you care.