All-Fruit Basket

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All-Fruit Bow l 10 inch. Fruit Basket
Our 10 inch All Fruit Bowl offers layer upon layer of nature's goodness.

Imagine this beautiful display of plump, juicy, sweet-smelling fruit arriving at the door of your best friend or favorite relative. Their home will be filled with bright thoughts of you for days on end and the hand-woven bowl will bring a warm remembrance for years.

This Fruit Basket contains granny smith apples, red delicious apples, bosc and d'anjou pears, navel oranges, fresh grapefruit and any other seasonal fruit that is in season and requested by our customers. Our fruit baskets are all hand-packed the day the fruit basket is scheduled to ship out to guarantee the freshest fruit basket available.

Dollar for dollar, we give you the most fruit for the money, guaranteed!