The Grand Cheer Gourmet Fruit Basket

  • The Grand Cheer - Shown
    Item# G60
  • $89.95
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  • A Grand Cheer Extravaganza - Larger! - Not Shown
    Item# G85
  • $129.95
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The Grand Cheer Gourmet Fruit Baskets are gifts that overflow with delights.

Overflowing with fresh seasonal fruit - including an exotic tropical pineapple, red delicious apples, granny smith apples, bosc & d'anjou pears, navel oranges, fresh grapefruit and other seasonal fruits make this great fruit basket! This gift basket is also accompanied by buttery shortbread cookies, homemade fruit jellies, and topped with the exceptional truffles. The Grand Cheer is "happiness in a basket." This nonpareil basket also offers assorted hard candies, roasted peanuts and a generous box of chocolates.

This delightful combination is uniquely qualified to honor any joyous occasion. Send this basket to someone special or to a large group, there are plenty of gourmet goodies to go around!